2021 Las Vegas Raiders Season Prediction

Here we go again. It’s year four of the Jon Gruden sequel, and the Raiders are coming off yet another disappointing late season collapse. In 2020, the Raiders started out strong, but fizzled to a horrible finish. From their handling of Covid-19 protocol, to developing young talent, the Raiders ended up having another abysmal season. With that said, there was some major positives to hang their hats on. Including quarterback Derek Carr posting a career high 101.4 passer rating. They have some young offensive weapons in Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs coming off of impressive seasons. However, the offense isn’t the concern at this time, even with a revamped offensive line. The main concern is again the third-worst defense, the Achilles heel of the team.

In 2021, the Raiders defer to new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, to improve one of the leagues worst defenses. He will have some help in doing so, with the additions of: Yannick Ngakoue, Gerald McCoy, Casey Hayward and rookie Trevon Moehrig. The defense has obviously improved talent wise, but will it translate on paper? How will it affect the win total and playoff push? Here is how I believe the Raiders 2021 season will play out by week.

Week 1 Monday Night Football Vs. Baltimore Ravens

The first game in Vegas with fans, on the national stage, will be a spectacle. I expect the Raiders to be able to move the ball okay against a stout Ravens defense. However, it’s a tough first match up for a revamped defense. The Raiders will lose a close one on Monday Night Football.

Raiders Lose 28-24

Projected Record 0-1

Week 2 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

A tough start to the 2021 season, with back-to-back AFC North foes, especially having to travel to Pittsburgh on a short week. Derek Carr has a good day, and the Raiders are able to mix in pressure on Ben Rothlisberger to prevail.

Raiders Win 27-21

Projected Record 1-1

Week 3 Vs. Miami Dolphins

In their match-up last season the Raiders lost the game three times. It took a defensive meltdown in the final 30 seconds for the Dolphins to escape with a win. The Raiders seemed like the better ball club most of the day but still came up short. This season, I expect the Raiders to prevail at home. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t around to save the Dolphins this time.

Raiders Win 34-27

Projected Record 2-1

Week 4 @ Los Angeles Chargers

Last season, the Raiders had two nail biter type games vs. the Chargers. Splitting the season series with them. In 2021 the Chargers wield one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, with now second year QB Justin Herbert looking to take another step forward. With that said, the Raiders lose a close one in their home away from home.

Raiders Lose 31-28

Projected Record 2-2

Week 5 Vs. Chicago Bears

Another Khalil Mack reunion, another Raiders victory. I have this game circled as Justin Fields first NFL start, and I think Gus Bradley will draw up enough pressure to make it his first NFL loss. The Raiders should be able to run the ball well and control this game.

Raiders Win 27-17

Projected Record 3-2

Week 6 @ Denver Broncos

The Broncos once again enter the season with below average quarterback play. Even with their excellent defense, the Raiders should be able to pull out a win here and improved to 4-2. It begins again, will they keep up the pace or fall off the side of a cliff again?

Raiders win 31-20

Projected Record 4-2

Week 7 Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have one of the weirder 2021 projections. They should be bad, but have young talent and could win some games they shouldn’t. This game should be close throughout, and since it’s a home game the Raiders have a slight edge. Derek Carr does just enough to squeeze by to a 5-2 start.

Raiders win 33-27

Projected Record 5-2

Week 9 @ New York Giants

Coming off of a bye week, the Raiders should be able to handle a mediocre Giants team. However, this is my letdown game that inevitably always happens under Gruden. The Raiders play from behind most of the game, just to come up short at the end.

Raiders Lose 27-21

Projected Record 5-3

Week 10 Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday Night Football in Vegas, the Stage is set for two AFC West opponents. Two stellar games in 2020, makes one believe this will be another great game. Mahomes comes in and does Mahomes things, leading the Chiefs to a week 10 victory over the Raiders, who look to be stumbling in the 2nd half of the season again.

Raiders lose 40-28

Projected Record 5-4

Week 11 Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Raiders come out firing on all cylinders to avoid two home losses in a row, and a three game losing streak out of the bye. Jacobs and Drake run wild in route to a blowout, something that hasn’t been seen often for Raider fans in the Gruden tenure.

Raiders win 42-17

Projected Record 6-4

Week 12 @ Dallas Cowboys

Turkey Day, and Raiders football, what else could you want? The Cowboys have a tough match-up vs. the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 11, while the Raiders were able to rest starters in the fourth quarter. I believe the Raiders will make for a great thanksgiving. Darren Waller torches the Cowboys and wins player of the day in a thriller.

Raiders win 30-28

Projected Record 7-4

Week 13 Vs. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football team comes in with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. He seems to always be a Raider killer. The tenacious defense and good running game, get the Football Team past the Raiders in a road game.

Raiders Lose- 27-21

Projected Record 7-5

Week 14 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Looking for their first playoff appearance in Gruden’ second tenure, the Raiders come out firing on all cylinders. However, they come up short against a Chiefs team, that has just been in these games more often.

Raiders lose 33-23

Projected Record 7-6

Week 15 @ Cleveland Browns

This re-match will hopefully not feature a full blown hurricane. The Raiders still should have the upper-hand and win a tight one. Jacobs and Drake will have a good day vs. a Browns defense that is better suited against the pass.

Raiders win 28-24

Projected Record 8-6

Week 16 Vs. Denver Broncos

The Raiders stomp the Broncos at home, as they look forward to drafting a franchise quarterback in a few months.

Raiders Win 35-20

Raiders Record 9-6

Week 17 @ Indianapolis Colts

With a shot to clinch a playoff berth, the Raiders come out flat on the road. The Colts defense is too stout for them and they lose a game they really should have won.

Raiders Lose 27-17

Raiders Record 9-7

Week 18 Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

In a re-match against a division rival, the Raiders end the season with a stellar performance. Fans can breath, the team finally got over their second half struggles, and have a wild card weekend date to look forward too.

Raiders Win 31-24

Raiders Record 10-7

Top Photo: Kelley L Cox